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Architectural Digest Home Design Show

March 31, 2009

home41 I also visited Pier 94  again (went to the Armory show a few weeks ago) for the Architectural Digest Home Design show this weekend. I had been lured in by the beautiful posters in Grand Central, and since I love the magazine (most of the time – exceptions for when they have ugly pineapple Hawaii themes) I figured it would be worth it to attend the show.

Unfortunately, it was a huge disappointment. I don’t know whether it’s because the economy isn’t the most supportive right now or if the show is typically this uninspiring but there were only a FEW nice booths, with beautiful bath fixtures, rotating clothing conveyor belts for your closet, beautiful grainy hardwood floors and nestlike garden furniture, but on the whole the show was not inspiring at all. I would say buy the magazine instead and save yourself $25 next time (thankfully we got in free since there was only an hour left after we got there from the museums – that’s all the time I needed to tell that I had to RUN out of there…).

As an antedote to the globular light fixtures and Damien Hirst-esque wall decorations I saw that day I offer a collage I have of some of my favorite houses (and what I wish I had seen on Sunday!).


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