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POPLAR/Kid’s Republic Bookstore, Beijing, China

August 27, 2009

Poplar Bookstore in Beijing.

Talking about cool bookstores, I discovered that the first bookstore in China dedicated to Children’s picture books recently opened in Beijing! The Poplar Bookstore or Kids Republic has an activity/story telling room on the first floor and shelves of books along with fun hiding places on the second floor. It looks like a huge rainbow colored comfy cave to explore… If you’re ever in Beijing here is the address:


(39 Jian Wai SOHO district 13th floor #1362/802, East Third Ring Road, Chaoyang District)

The bookstore was built by SAKO architects (a Japanese firm whose website strangely isn’t working right now) in Beijing, and Architecture Record has an interesting guide to the city along with one of the architect’s recommendations (which is how I found out about the store). Apparently, additional stores have been constructed in Tianjin, Shanghai and Shenyang. Pictures and descriptions of the stores can be seen here.

Poplar Bookstore in Shanghai.

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