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Grand Central Market

November 1, 2009

Grand Central Market

If you find yourself stuck in Grand Central Terminal as I often do, Grand Central Market is worth exploring… but be careful if you’re hungry because the wide selection of bread, chocolates, prepared foods, cheese and fresh seafood will be very tempting. The market presents a selection of various food “boutiques” such as Murray’s cheese, Pencey’s Spices, Zaros Breads, Oren’s Daily Roast etc. A full list of purveyors can be seen here. I love Murray’s cheese especially because not only do they have a lovely mouth watering selection of cheese from all over the world, they also sell honeycomb and fondue pots and all sorts of “cheese accessories” (graters, cheese plates, knives etc.) that would make wonderful gifts. And if you’re looking for a quick dinner option that looks like you spent a lot of time in the kitchen, their sesame encrusted ahi tuna steaks look perfect along with coconut shrimp, lasagna, stuffed chicken and the options are endless… Although it is a bit pricey I would say the market is worth a splurge especially if you’re looking to celebrate. Just walking through it makes me happy!

Yelp also has a good review of the market here.

Grand Central Market

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