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Cursive, New York

December 11, 2009

Cursive NY

If you’re looking for the right place to pick up a last minute (but still thoughtful and unique) Christmas gift, Cursive is probably my favorite shop in Grand Central Terminal if not one of my favorite shops in all of New York City. They have a boutique on the ground floor of ABC Carpet and Home (also one of my favorites) and a small store in Lexington Passage in Grand Central. Founded in 2005, Cursive specializes in handmade and unusual objects from around the world, and they often showcase designers who are not well known in the US. Besides beautiful stationary and greeting cards, the shop carries gifts and jewelry of all sorts. The animal rubber bands from Japan that I love are available here (see them here, they are adorable) as are notebooks, message beans (Japanese greeting beans that, when planted, sprout a message like “Happy Birthday!” on the bean itself as it grows on the vine. See them here), porcelain vases and all sorts of lovely things.

They have a great blog, and it didn’t surprise me that they follow the same blogs that I do, given how similar our tastes are…

Cursive Shop

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