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Apartment hunting…

January 18, 2010

Ivory Outpost by Eskayel

So I have to admit I’ve neglected to post for the past couple of weeks since I’m spending all of my free time madly searching for an apartment. Although I’ve seen close to 50 places so far I have only maybe fallen for three (one of which is already in contract) so it’s a time consuming process. In the meantime, I can still day dream about having a place and what I’ll be putting on the walls.

Eskayel is a bespoke wallpaper company based out of Williamsburg. It was founded in 2009 by Shanan Campanaro, an artist and graduate of Central St. Martin’s of London who was also decorating her apartment and, in a genius moment, decided to translate her paintings into wallpaper. Her website showcases a beautiful kaleidoscope of colors and designs from the completely overwhelming magic eye patterns like Ivory Outpost to the more muted and classic ones like Tiger’s Eye. Ever since I stumbled upon her work I always dreamed about finding the perfect nook to paper with her designs and I can’t wait!

Tiger's Eye by Eskayel

Tiger's Eye by Eskayel

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