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Domino: The book of decorating

February 8, 2010

If you’ve mourned the departure of Domino magazine from newsstands I can identify… The editors have since launched Lonny Magazine, an exclusively online publication that has come out with it’s first two issues, both of which are inspiring and fun. On top of this, the staff at Domino also produced a lovely and useful guide to decorating in 2008 that I’ve been dying to purchase – now my new apartment has finally given me the excuse! Domino: The Book of Decorating is a very user-friendly guide that breaks down your home room by room to help you learn how to best use the space you have.

They have several examples of different styles for each room with suggestions on how to build a look around one piece you draw inspiration from. They illustrate the process nicely by starting with a place (a cafe in Paris) or a piece of furniture (your grandmother’s trunk) that is a favorite and then show how you can match wall color, curtains, rug etc with the style to create a cohesive style. It’s been very helpful for me in determining what I want to focus on and what my key purchases might be in order to create a nice looking apartment without splurging on everything.  I tried to create an example in the spirit of the book below starting with a mirror I really liked and then trying to find matching pieces. Of course, this is still in my imagination. In real life, I’d probably have to get the mirror from a flea market to cut back on cost which wouldn’t be a bad bet…

{Design for an entrance hall}

From left to right:

Venetian Glass Mirror from ($151), Blanca End Table from ($168), Recycled Glass Balloon Vase from Viva Terra ($39), Agate Geode Bookends from Viva Terra ($89), Birdwalk Rug from CB2 ($299).

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  1. Annie permalink
    February 9, 2010 1:10 am

    Herro herro! You should also get the Real Simple Solution Book. It gives you so many tips on good housekeeping and neat tricks. I saw this really cool antique furniture shop near loehmann’s the other day. I didn’t get to pick up a business card because I was in a rush to meet you, but we should definitely go back… I think it’s on 18th street, btw. 6th and 7th.

    PS. I love love love what you picked out. And remember you promised that I can help you decorate your new home! YAY.

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