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Macarons for the masses

March 4, 2010

Macarons’ New Popularity Worries Fans – so says the Wall Street Journal in one of the funniest articles I have read in a while. Apparently, Starbucks in the US and (gasp!) even McDonald’s in France have begun to offer macarons to their purportedly less discerning customers. I’ve seen macarons for sale at Trader Joe’s (frozen- in order to preserver their crispness, though not in too many flavors) and at Grand Central and it does seem like they are proliferating these days. The Financier in Grand Central serves up a delicious macaron though definitely much larger than the elegant French versions I sampled at La Duree in Paris. The big size takes a little away from my enjoyment just because it’s less of a delicate/savoring experience and more of a… pig out. Perhaps the size increase is the Americanization of a chic French pastry (just like our venti lattes are the American version of the small but strong cup of espresso). Then again, I shouldn’t complain because there is just more of what I love to enjoy!

For a great list of where to get your macaron fix in NYC see a dedicated Yelper’s extensive research here. The Financier has several other locations around the city and though it’s the only place I’ve had the chance to try out of those listed I would recommend it (for a full list of locations, see here).

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