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The Armory Show 2010

March 7, 2010

Some of my favorite oils at Pier 94 (clockwise from top left): Tomory Dodge at Alison Jacques Gallery; Eemyun Kang at Kukje Gallery; Eva Lundsager at Greenberg van Doren Gallery; David Kramer at Galerie Laurent Godin; David Schnell at Gallerie Eigen + ART.

The Armory Show started in 1913 as a way to introduce New Yorkers to modern art of the time (especially by American artists), today, it is still overwhelmingly popular and now attracts exhibitors and visitors from all over the world. When I first started going, it was held at the Park Avenue Armory, a slightly more intimate space than the Chelsea Piers, where it has been hosted for the past two years. Pier 94 contained a vast expanse of modern galleries showing new art from living artists from New York and Tel Aviv, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Paris, Seoul, Beijing etc. Pier 92 contained renowned dealers exhibiting modern art and historically significant contemporary art (Picasso, Chagall and the like). As usual, the show did not fail to entertain, surprise and delight me with its variety… Some pithy wisdom from David Kramer’s oil painting above stuck with me through the day: “I can live with the fact that most of my dreams won’t come true, I just wish I hadn’t been so open about my dreams with those whom I continue to live with”. Coupled with the neon light fixture proclaiming that “True artists just make shit for rich people to spend their money on” or something along those lines it was a pretty cynical show at times but don’t forget that last year the show was plastered with multiple variations of  Obama election poster so maybe we needed a little balance…

Entertaining mixed media at Pier 94 (clockwise from top left): a very loud clucking chicken by Pilar Albarracin at Galeria Filomena Soares; voodoo-esque sculptures by Pascale Martine Tayou at Galleria Continua; beautiful paper cuts by Sabrina Mezzaqui at Galleria Continua; a hauntingly beautiful Birch Box by Anthony James at Nicholas Robinson Gallery; layers of mini kites by Jacob Hashimoto at Rhona Hoffman Gallery.

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