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Tokyo afternoon: Asakusa & Senso-ji Temple

April 25, 2010

With a few hours to spare on a rainy Friday afternoon in Tokyo, I wandered to the Asakusa district in the Northeast corner of the city to see the famous Senso-ji temple that houses the famed miracle working statue of Kannon (Guan Yin, Goddess of Mercy). The temple is also known for the shopping street that leads up to it that recreates some of the feel of a traditional temple fair with lovely cakes, ice cream, and all sorts of souvenirs being sold as you make your way through the gates to the temple grounds.

I found the side streets to be the most lovely as they take you away from the hustle and bustle and reveal a bit of the local Tokyo life. I stumbled upon the prettiest little spa and massage place called Momidokoro-Rakuya on one of the side streets and would highly recommend it for a quick rejuvenation. The inside is decorated like a traditional Japanese hot spring resort with stone floors and paper lanterns providing soft light. You can see the location and store photos here. (and yes, they speak English thankfully!)

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