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Bespoke Bicycles

February 10, 2011

Bespoke Bicycles, 64-B Lafayette Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

While wandering through Fort Greene the other weekend after attending the American Ballet Theater’s wonderful performance of The Nutcracker, I stumbled upon this beautiful bike shop. Now, I would hardly describe most bike shops as beautiful, but this one stands out. Their vintage logo, selection of pastel hued rides and vast assortment of saddle bags and accessories made me actually excited about the prospect of owning a bike. Although the store is tiny, they make up for it with their service and if yelp reviews are to be trusted, it is great service. Also, their “About Us” page on the owner and bike team is hilarious. Oh to be able to pick up groceries on this celery green ride…

Clockwise from top left: Pashley, Poppy, your classic princess bike; Civia, Loring, for groceries, about town and picnics!; Raleigh, Eva 2.0, a hard core functional, yet sweet mountain bike

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